There is a right way to do it and there is also a wrong way. If you bump into whale during the trip and touch it like the way to pet a zebra in the zoo, then you are definitely doing it the wrong way. Following the right guidelines and avoiding the wrong procedures is important to ensure both your safety and the whale’s. Whether you are going on a group tour or going solo, here are some things that you need to know.

Pay Very Close Attention to Their Behavior
You can judge the whale’s mood by observing its movement. You must be cautious when entering and exiting the waters. Extra attention is needed if they whales are hanging around in groups. Behaviors such as frequent changes in swimming patterns, unusual tail slapping or shielding their calves are signs and indications of distress. If they are present, you must evacuate the area immediately.

Always Keep Your Distance
This is the most important rule to follow when you are on Hervey Bay whale watching tours. You must stay at least 100 yards away. Some destinations have strict rules regarding the distance, some going further than 500 yards. Though in some cases whales get curious themselves and approach your vessel, it is best if you stay out of their territory. If you accidently get too close, immediately get your boat or craft out of the area.

Know Your Limits
When you whalewatch, stick to the watching. Do not try to touch, feed or swim with them. These animals are unpredictable, and you are no match for an animal of such size. While it dangerous for you to mess around, it is equally dangerous for the whales too. Feeding them can either make them sick or dependent on human food. Also, the more comfortable they become with boats, higher the likelihood that they will get hit by one.

Watch Your Time
Watching these beautiful creatures can be mesmerizing. But it can also distract you from the time, and make you watch them for hours. This prolonged presence of your boat can distract the whales from hunting, socializing, etc. Furthermore, the noise pollution can change their migration routes. Thus, it is better to keep your viewing time to maximum of 30 minutes.

These rules will prevent you from committing a mistake of ignorance and putting yourself at potential risk and will also ensure the safety of the whales. Also, they ensure that the whales will behave according to their usual behavior which will make your trip a worthwhile one.

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